YK Pao School offers a pioneering Year 1-12 Chinese-English bilingual education programme that nurtures the whole person and provides a global perspective. We are a private, non-profit school with two campuses.

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Math Parties

On 18th October and 20th October, Pao School held parties with a mathematical theme for Year 1 students and their families. Participants had a splendid time participating in the many math-themed games at the parties.

Folk dance evening

The Primary Division will hold a folk dance activity on the football field on 21 October from 18:00-19:00.

Zhi Xing China

From 24th to 28th October, Secondary Division students will be away from the classroom to get hands-on experience that will help them better understand China.

Oxford Academics in China Series: How to Study the Infant Mind

On 25 October, 19:00, Professor Kim Plunkett, director of Oxford University's BabyLab, will talk at the Primary Division and provide an overview of some of the methods used by the Lab to study cognitive and linguistic development in the first two years of life.