YK Pao School offers a pioneering Year 1-12 Chinese-English bilingual education program that nurtures the whole person and provides a global perspective.  We are a private, not-for-profit school with two campuses.

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Suzhou Pingtan Troupe visits Pao School​​

On Monday, January 19th, students at our Primary Division were treated to a lively and engaging performance from members of the Suzhou Pingtan Troupe.

Information Sessions

YK Pao School will be holding information sessions in Malaysia, San Francisco and Vancouver. For details, go to "Summer Activities" and click "Information Sessions."

Calligraphy Contest

​Recently, YK Pao School's Primary Division held its second annual Chinese calligraphy contest as an opportunity for all year levels to experience the joy of Chinese calligraphy.

​Career Speaker Series at Secondary Division

Recently, Mr. Kenneth Yeh, owner of the Shanghai-based hotel L'otel, joined us as a career speaker to share his valuable work experience with some of our Year 10 students.