YK Pao School offers a pioneering Year 1-12 Chinese-English bilingual education programme that nurtures the whole person and provides a global perspective. We are a private, non-profit school with two campuses.

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Math Parties

On 18th October and 20th October, Pao School held parties with a mathematical theme for Year 1 students and their families. Participants had a splendid time participating in the many math-themed games at the parties.

Folk dance evening

The Primary Division will hold a folk dance activity on the football field on 21 October from 18:00-19:00.

Zhi Xing China

From 24th to 28th October, Secondary Division students will be away from the classroom to get hands-on experience that will help them better understand China.

Kalamazoo College information session

Admissions officers from George Washington University, a top US school, will visit the Secondary Division on 19 October to discuss the admissions process with students.