Pao School celebrates 10th anniversary with marvellous concert


The splendid and cheerful

musical performance

was a fitting way to signify

the success of Pao School's goal of

building a school for tomorrow's China



On 16 June, Pao School held a spectacular concert to celebrate its 10th anniversary in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall. This concert was Pao School's largest cross-campus external event to date.

Nearly 500 young musicians from Pao School delighted the audience with a rich programme of choral singing, various solo performances, Chinese folk music and Western music. The concert drew an audience of 1200 people, including government officials, Pao School's three founders, and Pao teachers, students and parents.



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We have made the dream come true

A decade ago, Pao School embarked on a wondrous journey that has come to fruition today. What was once a school with no students or teachers is now a well-known bilingual school in China with 1200 students and 350 teachers, both Chinese and foreign. Over the past decade, Pao School has cultivated a distinct ethos that is people oriented, innovative and pragmatic.

The success of Pao School's approach to education can be seen in its accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the exceptional results of its first cohort of graduates, who were admitted to a number of the world's top universities, including Ivy League schools, the University of Chicago and Oxford University. Pao School co-founder Philip Sohmen says:

Ten years ago, we had a dream to build a school for tomorrow's China. Today, I am very proud to say that we have made that dream come true.



Music is vital to develop the whole person

The fruitful results of the past ten years could not have been realised without support from the wider community. Thus, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Pao School put on a splendid concert to show its appreciation to its many supporters. The arts are one of the most important elements of Pao School's mission of developing the whole person. Philip Sohmen says:

Music not only helps students build skills, but also cultivates their character and approach to life. Pao School has consistently provided opportunities for students to refine their musical abilities and become more cultured.



Marvellous concert

Zhoushan gongs and drums


The concert featured a wide variety of exceptional performances. A joint performance by the Secondary Division Zhoushan Drum and Gong Band and Chinese folk band got the concert off to an exciting start, creating a celebratory mood. Zhoushan drum and gong music is a traditional type of music from the city of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province.


The concert is hosted in both Chinese and English, reflecting the success of Pao School's immersive bilingual teaching


Later, the audience was treated to a spectacular array of performances by many other young Pao musicians: choral singers from the Primary Division, violinists, cellists and pianists, as well as students playing Chinese folk music, jazz and orchestral music.


A jazz performance by the orchestra


'One Day More'


The concert concluded with a show-stopping performance of 'One Day More', as Pao students used music to express their high hopes for the future. Pao School will continue to work tirelessly to realise the vision of its founders: to build a world-class school for tomorrow's China.


Students rehearse for the concert