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Past Events:
Connect, Share and Engage | Pao School Alumni Event - January 24, 2018
YK Pao School has a vibrant atmosphere. Alumni have fond memories of the years they spent at the School. Given the importance of alumni to the Pao family, the Alumni Relations Office works to strengthen ties between our graduates and the School. The mission of the Alumni Relations Office is "Connect, Share and Engage".
During the recent Christmas holiday, alumni from Pao School's first graduating class returned to campus to spend time with teachers and students. The Alumni Relations Office facilitated this visit.
During the Dec. 18 morning assembly at the Songjiang Campus, Dr. Paul Wood, Executive Principal of the Secondary Division, greeted the alumni and presented them with gifts.
Ms. Liu, former Chairman of the Parents & Teachers Association, was invited to attend this assembly. During her speech, she said that constant perseverance brings about success, just as dripping water can ultimately penetrate a stone. That idea, which is linked to an ancient Chinese idiom, is represented in the "Dripping Water Penetrates a Stone" — the 10th-anniversary gift prepared by the first cohort of graduates and their parents. It symbolizes Pao School's remarkable progress over the past decade and the gift will accompany the school as it strives for a brighter future.
Jonas, a student in the first graduating class, designed the gift and Pao parents volunteered to raise money to pay for it. Jonas donated those funds to the Pao School Foundation.
Ms. Liu read a message from Jonas: Students need to adapt to a world in a constant state of flux. In the present, we don't always do things like we used to. The key is to find a way that works for you - that will be much more meaningful and real. It is inevitable that your journey will be long, but it will be worthwhile. You will figure out the best path for yourself and your judgement will improve. You won't make the same mistakes twice. If there is any advice you should keep in mind along the way, it is this: Never stop challenging yourself. When you take on a task that is supposedly impossible, you will learn new skills and enlighten your friends. Most importantly, you should learn to set the bar for yourself even higher. With that type of thinking, you will go far in life — in your studies, in athletics, and beyond.
After the morning assembly, the alumni strolled around the campus that is so familiar to them. Walking together with teachers, they shared their experiences of studying abroad with current students and responded to the students' questions.
As the other highlight of the activity, on January 8th, the alumni had lunch with Pao School Founder Philip Sohmen, President Wu Zijian, and Executive Headmaster David Mansfield. They sent their best wishes for the New Year to the alumni and said that they hoped the Pao School experience would always be with them.
Current students are proud to be part of Pao School, and when they graduate and go off into the world, Pao School will take pride in the achievements of its alumni.
Since the establishment of the Alumni Relations Office, we have consistently worked to deepen ties between alumni and the School. We look forward to sharing the latest developments with you. Please contact:


First Official Alumni Reunion - June 19, 2016 

Over 30 alumni families from the US, UK, Switzerland and Shanghai spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with Founder Mr Philip Sohmen, Primary Division Executive Principal Mr Michael Spencer and Secondary Division Executive Principal Dr Paul Wood.

Alumni have shared recent photos, updated us on their lives, and more importantly, their memories of Pao School. Some alumni families were unable to attend the reunion, but offered their best wishes to Pao School via some very heartwarming words and videos. They said: ‘Pao School is very special to me. It’s a school with a dream and holds great memories for me. I wish Pao School the best in the future! Pao School has a very special place in the hearts of every student and parent it has touched!’

The finale performance was presented by BT Band, a rock band formed by alumni and current students. It was their first public performance in two years – the group disbanded when its members moved to different parts of the world. Despite a lengthy absence, the members of BT Band picked up where they left off, delivering an exceptional performance!

The Alumni Relations Office was established by the Pao School, but it will forever belong to our alumni and students. We love seeing our alumni and hearing about how they are doing. We always encourage visits and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with our alumni. Do stay in touch with us!