Information and communications technology (ICT)

With the widespread use of technology in the home and the workplace, it is important for children to develop a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in technology to help them be successful learners in school and productive members of society. Technology is a very useful tool that brings information to our fingertips and helps us to accomplish tasks more efficiently. At Pao School we aim to expose students to a broad base of technology skills to complement and enhance learning in all classes, and to build a library of skills and knowledge from which they can draw upon and build upon in the future.

At Pao School, our educational technology programme is a combination of ICT classes where students learn relevant technology skills, and classroom integration where students combine what they have learned with content area knowledge to create works that express their thoughts and ideas. We seek to provide authentic learning experiences for students in which they can apply knowledge and skills to solve problems. Technology enhances and augments opportunities for students to work collaboratively in teams, express their creativity through digital art and digital media, to activate their analytical thinking skills when researching for information about a topic, and to share their ideas with others through oral presentations. These skills are all crucial for success at school and in the real world.

Technology is a part of the curriculum for all year levels at Pao School. Each year, students build on skills they learned in previous years and continue to develop their skills further. We use Apple products such as iMacs, MacBooks, and iPads to enhance learning. We provide real world learning opportunities such as Hour of Code where students participate in activities to learn about computer programming in a worldwide event. We teach students about technology, and how to effectively use technology, including digital citizenship and awareness of Internet safety.

We hope to enrich the learning experience in all classes through the integration of technology, and we hope to build a solid foundation of technology skills to become successful in academics and beyond.