Meet the Team


Sonya Ohlsson, Director of University and Career Counselling

Sonya graduated from Johnson State College, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in literature and the London School of Economics with a MSc (Masters of Science) in Gender and Social Policy. She has worked in the field of education and youth development for almost 20 years at both the secondary and university level, working at UC Berkeley, the University of Vermont, and Northeastern University, as well as Westtown School, one of the oldest continuously running co-ed boarding school in the US, near Philadelphia, PA, and at The Field School in Washington, DC. She is passionate about helping young people explore who they are and the world around them so they can find and succeed on the path that is right for them. She pushes her students to embrace taking academic and social risks so they may experience the joy of truly learning. The ability to think outside the box, but to also help create a world without boxes will be done by the most innovative, creative and daring students, no matter where they go to university, and they will shape the future.


Chanel Liu, University and Careers Counsellor

Chanel graduated from New York University (NYU) with a Bachelor’s degree in French and Business and a Master’s degree in French Studies. She also has a College Counseling Certificate from UCLA. She worked as the Assistant Director of International Admissions at NYU Shanghai for over 3 years and moved on to a college counseling role at the American School in Japan. She enjoys working with students from different backgrounds as well as helping them work toward their goals.




Venessa Zhao, Academic Affairs Officer

With a myriad of responsibilities for programmes including summer and other enrichment opportunities, internships, exchange programs and the career speaker series, Ms Venessa Zhao helps students identify their interests, learn about career fields and make productive use of their free time.





Shirley Fang, University and Careers Counselling Officer

Shirley graduated from Imperial College London with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. She studied and worked abroad for many years. She used to work at Cambridge International Center of Shanghai Normal University. Under Shirley’s guidance, over hundreds of students got offers from top universities across the world. Shirley has a deep and thorough understanding of both China and overseas’ educational systems. Her personal goal is to help students cultivate their personal interests and explore their potential.