Our Values

Our Values

YK Pao School’s core values and character strengths are based on the school’s mission. An important part of our educational programme, we believe these values should be passed down to each student.

Accordion Core Values


Offering help to others, being kind to others, having a kind heart, showing goodwill, being generous with my time and energy for others.


Taking full responsibility for my actions, doing what is right even when nobody is looking, being honest and fair.


Being aware of the different opinions of others or different ways of doing things. My emotions are not overpowering and I can think and act in a clear and mindful way.

Accordion Character Strengths


Appreciating, considering and valuing others. Thinking highly of other people and treating them in a positive way.


Thinking deeply about something or someone. Thinking clearly about my thoughts, feelings and actions.


Showing a commitment to something and trying my best to complete it. Being accountable and able to answer for my actions.


Getting up after falling down, trying again and again to improve myself even when it is difficult. If I fail I don’t stop, instead I give my best effort to improve and be successful the next time.


Managing myself to the best of my ability. Being on-time, organised, smartly dressed and ready for the challenges ahead.