Shanghai Plus


In Chinese, 'curriculum' is translated as 'journey of study.' In Latin, curriculum is a path in which students walk in small steps. The Pao School curriculum is the beginning of a life-long journey in which students will need the knowledge and skills to make good decisions and contribute positively to society. As a bilingual Chinese-English programme, Pao School’s Middle School curriculum, “Shanghai Plus”, is designed to bridge the sequence between the school’s Primary and High School curricula, providing students with a programme that honours and respects Chinese cultural tradition, while incorporating the best practices from international education. The Shanghai Plus curriculum in Pao School’s Year 6 to 8 students is a combination of standards from the Shanghai curriculum and selected international curricular.


Curriculum Structure


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Chinese as a Second Language



General Science

Health Education (PHE)

Physical Education (PHE)


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Music (Band, Orchestra, and Choir)