Accordion Student Testimonials

"During the Moganshan Camp activity, I had the chance to get closer to nature. The experience broadened my horizons – I enjoyed sunshine, fresh air and even rainy weather. I became a stronger team player, and I felt refreshed. I also had the chance to participate in farming activities and enjoyed working with my hands. I had a wonderful time!"

David, Year 4B






"I am a member of the school’s piano club. We practise every Thursday during lunch period. I am now an advanced (Level 8) piano player and am able to duet with my classmates. I also took the school’s ballet EP course in Year 2. I find ballet quite interesting, and I’ve already reached Level 5!"

Cici, Year 5C







"I’ve always understood how important it is for us to protect the environment. With BEES, the public environmental protection organisation I founded with three other students, I can communicate my ideas with other people who share the same ideas. I enjoy working as a team - We coordinate activities together, draft action plans, share our ideas with the principals, and recruit our friends as volunteers. It’s loads of fun!" 

Michelle, Year 4A






"What I like most about boarding is the fact that I can spend more time at school with friends who I don’t get to see during the day. Boarding also gives me the opportunity to get assistance with academic questions from teachers. You’ll be involved in so many exciting activities, and you have so many good friends. It’s a lot of fun. Come and join us!"

Jonas, Year 12






"Our teachers and friends in the dorm house become our new family. Our teacher’s apartments are always open to us, and we all enjoy each other’s company so we won’t miss our families too much. You will make many life-long friends here at Pao School!"

Clementine, Year 12







"At the core of boarding school, in my opinion, is the concept of independence. Students are put into a situation where they no longer have their parents to monitor and care for them. I truly think this is a great experience for any high school student. As a result of spending this time at a boarding school I am far more prepared for a college environment and less likely to take it as a shock. I excel when I am on my own. I love independence and I am so far loving my stay at Pao School. Boarding school has helped me and surely others step away from the coddling of parents and become more independent and capable of dealing with life's issues on my own."

Augustine, Year 12





Accordion Teacher Testimonials


"I’ve been with Pao School for several years. This is a truly English-Chinese bilingual school that genuinely incorporates whole person education, balanced development into our students’ daily activities, studies, and lives. More importantly, we teach each student about respect and acceptance, as well as different ways to solve problems, as well as how to learn from each other. Pao School has worked tirelessly towards the goal of combining the best of Chinese and international education, and we are getting closer with each passing year."

Crick Chen - Primary Deputy Principal, Wuding Campus





"There are many positive aspects to working here at YK Pao School. Firstly, I am able to be close to my family and spend more time with them. Also, I have lots of opportunities to take part in a variety of sports, like running, swimming and cycling. Lastly, and in many ways most importantly, I enjoy working with the students and giving them the opportunity to progress through their education."

Duncan Weller - Dean of Student Life, Songjiang Campus






"I really enjoy moments when students and teachers celebrate birthdays together. When students are having my home-made cookies, there are happy smiles on their young faces. I hope we can remember these enjoyable moments forever. The Secondary Division is like a big family, with students, teachers and their families living together on campus. As a teacher in the boarding school, we are not only the students’ instructors in the classroom, but also their mentors in life. We share each other’s happiness and witness each other’s growth."

Na Zang - Director of Character Development/Humanities Teacher, Songjiang Campus



"The one thing that makes working here unique is the possibility to explore different ways of teaching and learning. Two of our missions are to develop global citizens and develop the whole person and we are encouraged to always find opportunities to realize this. As a result, the students have an abundance of programs to choose from that take them beyond academic excellence. We have students who perform in a choir, play in a football league, fundraise for serious causes around the world, learn about gardening, cooking or debate in international competitions – the options are endless!"

Michelle Ip - Head of Primary Academics/English Teacher, Wuding Campus