Vision and Mission



To build a world-class school for tomorrow’s China, educating global citizens and future leaders on a foundation of strong values and academic excellence.




Developing the whole person
  • Our students will develop intellectual, social and emotional skills, strong character and positive attitudes through a diverse range of learning environments and activities.
Passing on traditions of Chinese culture
  • Our students will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, including literature, history, philosophy, and art.
Fostering an international perspective
  • Our students will develop both intercultural knowledge and skills to address issues and succeed on a global stage.



Student Learning Outcomes


Pao school students develop qualities that will support them for life-long achievement.


Intellectual Capacity

Beyond achieving academic success and bilingual proficiency, Pao students will have the curiosity to explore and the flexibility of mind to apply a solid knowledge foundation to new areas.


Commitment with Passion

Pao students will demonstrate strong commitment to pursue their own areas of interest to achieve mastery out of passion for life.


Strength of Character

Pao students will embody the school’s core values, compassion, integrity and balance, and foster core traits of responsibility, resilience, reflection, respect and self-management through daily engagement within the school community.


International Perspectives

Pao students will work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, recognizing and reconciling multiple perspectives.


Chinese Cultural Affinity

Pao students will achieve a deep understanding of China’s past and present, forming an ability to draw on Chinese knowledge and experience to become ambassadors for Chinese culture.


Presentation and Communication

Pao students will effectively listen, understand and communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings with confidence and poise, demonstrating decent manners and positive attitudes in interactions with others.


Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Pao students will achieve a balance of physical health, mental well-being and enjoy a life filled with inner meaning.