The curriculum for Year 1 through 5 is a unique programme based on the Shanghai curriculum and incorporates elements from other major international curricula.  The rich and challenging curriculum provides students with strong fundamentals and teaches them to speak, read, write, and think in Chinese and English.  It was developed in partnership with Chinese and international advisors and experts.

The dual-language learning environment at YK Pao School is unique.  We are one of only a very small number of schools in the world where a substantial number of Chinese and English native-speaking students are taught in both languages in the same class.  This means that we not only teach in two languages, but we also offer a multicultural classroom environment.  In addition, students are immersed in the two languages in specialised subjects such as Art, Music, PE and ICT.  This ensures both languages are used in an authentic and academic way.  In addition, some subjects are taught bilingually to ensure students have an understanding of skills and concepts in both languages.  Over time, students at YK Pao School are immersed equally in both languages, although there may be variations from year to year.

We regularly assess students' work in all subjects through unit and semester tests. From Year 3, all students take part in the International Schools Assessment for English and Mathematics. This allows us to benchmark our students’ reading, writing, and maths skills with those at international schools worldwide. The assessment is conducted in English.

At YK Pao School, the development of each child’s character is as important to us as the development of academic skills. Through a structured character education programme and a range of sporting and arts-based activities, we develop the ‘whole child,’ thereby teaching students to be respectful, responsible and reflective members of the community.

When students graduate from the Primary Division, they will be issued a Shanghai Certificate of Primary Education.


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