Pao School featured on Shanghai Education Television programme


  On 19 March, Pao School headmaster Wu Zijian and teacher representative Chris Zhuang were invited to Shanghai Education Television Station to discuss Pao School's whole-person educational approach. During the discussion, Headmaster Wu and Teacher Zhuang introduced Pao School's unique features and told some fascinating stories more




Philip Sohmen BBC interview


   From left: Josephine Wheeler (BBC producer & interviewer), Haining Liu (BBC Chinese broadcaster), Henry (Y5 student) and Philip Sohmen (Founder of YK Pao School)   On 2 March, Philip Sohmen appeared on the BBC's 'City of Youth - Shanghai/The Compass' series. The BBC selected Philip for an interview more




Self Exploration--Bund Education's Interview with Lucy


  Self Exploaration--Bund Education's Interview with Lucy   Lucy is a Year 12 student at Pao School who was recently admitted to Brown University.  At Brown, Lucy plans to double major in history and development studies. Lucy has been interested in history from a young age. She says that many people think history is relatively straightforward to study, but she disagrees. ‘ more




YK Pao’s grandson discusses how his dream of creating a school for tomorrow’s China became reality in Shanghai


  Key points: Whenever we discuss a school, we always begin from the educational philosophy of the institution, its curriculum and its campus facilities. This year marks the tenth anniversary of YK Pao School, and The Bund is fortunate to have the opportunity to have a more




Pao School’s 17-year-old CEO


Pao School’s 17-year-old CEO Report from liuxueyizhantong Every now and again, we encounter people in life who are mature beyond their years. Today we are going to introduce a Pao School Year 11 student who is remarkably accomplished for his young age. This young man has many virtuous character traits: He is a strong leader, a creative thinker, a competitive athlete and dedicated to serving his more




I’m Jonas Vogt. I’m my own spokesperson


  July 1, 2016 Dog My Cats  Official OISS WeChat account: liuxuetong6   At Pao School’s recent ‘2016 Founder’s Challenge’ swim competition, we see a fair-skinned young man with brown hair and intense eyes. Carrying a two-way radio and wearing a t-shirt from the event, he continuously travelled back and forth from the pool, where the event more




Founder's Challenge is back! SWIM FOR LOVE


SWIM FOR LOVE     YK Pao School’s fourth annual 'Founder's Challenge' was held on June 18. Attended by over 300 swimmers and volunteers from Pao School, the Starwalker swim team and the Rainbow Mama Workshop, all participants took the plunge on this very important occasion to support children with autism. more




YK Pao School hosts launch of 'The Book of Light and Darkness'


  On May 24, Pao School Secondary Division hosted the launch event for the second issue of the 'Literature on Campus of China' publication, titled 'The Book of Light and Darkness.' The event was organised Pao School in conjunction with the editorial department of ‘Literature on Campus of China’ and Xuelin Publishing House, more




The Three-Body Problem: Unlocking the mysteries of humanity


Pao School Secondary Division student Horace Ding's book review of the science fiction trilogy novel series 'The Three-Body Problem' was recently featured on the official 'The Bund Education' WeChat account! According to Ding, humanity has only just begun to understand the secrets of this life. We may believe we’ve understood the more






双语教育要做到中西融合   2016-04-24 19:26 新浪教育摘要:在全人教育方面我们还非常注重培养学生的科技素养。     在4月24日上午举行的新浪2016“国际学校择校巡展”上海站上,近40所优质公办学校国际部及国际学校“接待”了全国超过2000名家 长、学生的现场咨询,国际教育的火爆程度不言而喻。从学校课程提供到国际教育走向,从留 学国家选择到学生升学规划,新浪教育特别安排的6大主题讲座更是为现场观众提供了启发式思考,其中,包玉刚实验学校校长吴子健先生发表了演讲《双翼齐飞,铸就人才》——包玉刚实验学校国际教育实践与探索。   包玉刚实验学校校长吴子健      当前我们的国际教育发展迅猛,据有关资料统计,近年来我国出国的留学人数每年以5%的速度增长,其中本科生留学生保持30%的增长速度。但国际教育并不是一 more

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