Exceptional IGCSE results


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Pao School students performed impressively in the ICGSE subjects this year: Nearly 30% of subjects taken were graded at A* and the figure for A* and A grades combined was 61%. 95% of all examinations were graded as C or above. All Year 10 students take a minimum of eight IGCSE subjects. This year’s cohort sat a total of 702 examinations across 16 subjects.


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Lee Sanders, Dean of Secondary Academic Affairs, praised the students’ stellar work. ‘They can take pride in their examination results, which shows the value of hard work and of students reflecting on past learning to reach their full potential. The results are also testament to the support and care of our teachers,’ he said.


Lee further said that two students deserve special recognition: Carol Huang and Scarlett Wang, who achieved all A* grades in 9 and 10 subjects, respectively. Scarlett also achieved 100 in her Chinese First Language exam, which is a remarkable achievement. ‘We look forward to all these students moving into Year 11 and performing well in their IB Diploma programme,’ he added.


We were lucky to interview Carol Huang and Scarlett Wang. Let's find out about how they achieved such high scores.