Pao student earns top score in the world on IGCSE Chinese exam


Pao School students performed impressively in the IGCSE subjects this year: 29.2% earned the highest of grade of A* and 61% achieved an A* or A. 95% of all examinations were graded as C or above, an improvement of 2% over 2015.


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Scarlett deserves special recognition: On her First Language Chinese Exam, she earned a perfect score of 100, which is the highest score in the world. Scarlett accepted the award a few days ago at the Cambridge International Examinations Awards Ceremony.


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Lee Sanders, Dean of Secondary Academic Affairs, praised her stellar performance. ‘This amazing achievement is inseparable from Scarlett’s and the teachers' dedication’, he says. ‘It showcases their strengths while also affirming Pao School’s approach to education’.


In a recent interview, Scarlett explained why studying IGCSE subjects is a highly worthwhile endeavour. ‘The IGCSE curriculum has allowed me to explore many different subjects at the same time and helped prepare me for my future IB studies’, says Scarlett. ‘It has also strengthened my overall academic skills’.


To prepare for the IGCSE exams, Scarlett reviewed course syllabi and summarised what she had learned into concise points. Doing so ‘allowed me to identify and work on the areas that I wasn't familiar with. It is also useful to practice past paper questions and make essay plans for the prompts’, she says.

Scarlett says that she has benefited tremendously from her time at Pao School. She says Pao School is a bilingual school dedicated to whole-person education, passing on Chinese cultural traditions and fostering a global perspective. Further, she notes that Pao School strives to cultivate an erudite and cosmopolitan sensibility in its students as it prepares them for leadership on the global stage.


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Scarlett (Y11)

Scarlett wishes all her classmates the best of luck in the IB programme. ‘I hope we can all do well in IB, get into the university of our choice, and make Pao School proud’, she said.