Pao student wins global English-language talent competition


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Pao School is proud to announce that Year 2 student Sophia Sun won the recent ‘I Want to Sing Loudly’ talent competition, during which native Chinese speakers test their English abilities. Sophia prevailed as champion of the competition thanks to her lovely voice and outstanding English pronunciation.


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Sophia is pleased about her victory, but winning isn’t everything, and she is equally happy that she was able to improve her English significantly while practicing songs. ‘Practice makes perfect’, Sophia says.


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Sophia began to learn how to sing when she was three. With its focus on whole-person education, Pao School has provided the ideal environment for her to cultivate her singing talent. She is an active member of the school choir, and participates in choir performances both small and large. Music class has also given her a chance to develop her singing talent. Meanwhile, Pao School’s bilingual immersion environment has benefited her English pronunciation skills tremendously.


Now let’s listen to Sophie’s marvellous singing!