The Brush is Mightier than The Sword


Over a five-thousand year period, Chinese civilisation has developed a uniquely expressive and elegant writing system. This writing system reaches an apex of expressiveness in calligraphy form. Strict uniformity is not required in Chinese calligraphy, so calligraphers accentuate brush strokes to create a sense of drama in their work, as well as to cultivate an individual style. Throughout Chinese history, calligraphy has served as an important means for scholars to pass down their teachings to future generations.  


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In recent months, Pao students worked to hone their calligraphy skills during the school’s annual “Young Calligrapher”competition. Developing a distinct calligraphy style can take a lifetime. Yet, despite their young age, the students showcased impressive calligraphic work during the competition. By including calligraphy in its curriculum, Pao School introduces students to one of the most ancient and refined forms of Chinese art. 


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