The Foundation’s support focuses on six strategic areas:

  •  Campus development:  Constructing our Secondary campus as well as improvement and renovation of the Primary Division campus.
  •  Scholarships and Financial Assistance:  Increasing the proportion of students receiving scholarships and financial assistance to 20%.
  •  Teaching Talent:  Recruiting outstanding teachers for various subject areas and providing long-term career development and training.
  •  Bilingual Teaching:  Research and development of our unique bilingual education curriculum; and providing support for bilingual teaching
  •  Whole Person Education: Developing our character education programme and supporting sports, music, and art programmes to promote balanced development of the body and mind.
  •  Information technology:  Incorporating information technology to improve teaching and learning.

Case studies:

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The provision of scholarships and financial assistance is a key area supported by the Foundation, not only recognizing students who have attained academic excellence, but also providing opportunities for talented students whose families cannot afford the full cost of education.  YK Pao School also supports students with financial difficulties through the Financial Assistance Fund.  In the 2012-2013 school year, the Foundation supported scholarships to 14 outstanding students in Years 6 to 8, and provided Financial Assistance to 17 students with tuition fees for these students reduced by up to 60%.


     “I’d like to thank YKPS for establishing such a fair and impartial scholarship policy.  Winning a scholarship is a wonderful recognition for my hard work, and a motivation for me to study harder.  In the future, I must double my efforts to get the IB diploma, and grow into a successful, happy international citizen.”

 ——Scholarship student, Zhuang Yuan

    “Studying in YKPS is more than a joyful experience.  Days do not repeat by themselves, we build our very own tomorrows.  I love my school, and the blue and green striped tie will always remind me to stay proud!”

——Scholarship student, Tracy Wang

iPad Project

The iPad project started in 2011 with a goal to allow students to be more creative by gaining and displaying knowledge in different ways.  The simple-to-use iPad also helps teachers to integrate technology easily into teaching.  With the support of the Foundation, Pao School has purchased nearly 300 iPads, most of which are designated for classroom use.  The next step is developing a “1 to 1” pilot in Year 6 where students have individual iPads.  Students use iPads for browsing educational websites, doing independent research, reading eBooks, and even creating their own short films – several students have entered and won awards in the annual Shanghai Student Film Festival. 


    “With just a few taps, the iPad brings the internet world to our students.  The iPad unlocks the potential of digital education.”

——Alanna Yee  (ICT Coordinator)

Tennis at Secondary Division

Thanks to support from the Founding Members, our Secondary Division established a partnership with the Tian Ma Country Club to offer tennis training courses during the 2012-2013 school year.  Over the past three sports seasons that lasted a total of 36 weeks, over 20 students went to the Tian Ma Country Club every afternoon from Monday to Thursday to attend one hour of tennis training.  The result was a great extra-curricular activity for our students, which we hope to continue and develop in the coming years.


    “Our players ranged in ability from beginners to experienced tennis players and everyone saw improvement in their skills with the help of the Tianma coaches.  Our students concluded the school year enthusiastic and the opportunity to offer this program is one of the many reasons sport at YKPS is outstanding.”

——Chris Gibbs (Secondary Division PE Coordinator)

In addition to the above projects, the Foundation has also provided funding support for these projects:


  •  Songjiang campus construction:  Huang Sue Ing Memorial Library, Helmut Sohmen Auditorium, Doreen Pao Swimming Pool, Cissy Pao Pei Li Art Room, Chen Zheng Long Technology Suite, Francis Yuen Pottery Room, network wiring 
  •  Appointment of English Director
  •  Appointment of soccer and swimming coach, part-time music teacher, Head of Art
  •  Purchase of YAMAHA pianos
  •  Purchase of rowing machines;  swimming and soccer facilities rental
  •  Rain collection and recycling system at the Primary Campus
  •  Support for the Alice in Wonderland musical production