Student Life

Pao School offers a rich and varied school life for its students.  We believe in education beyond the classroom. Our multitude of sports, music, arts programs, as well as community service activities not only put students’ determination to the test, but also foster teamwork and develop leadership skills.  We have many sports teams, including football, basketball, and swimming, with a student participation rate of over 80%. Participating in a wide variety of sports activities gives our students the opportunity to cultivate an interest in and a lifelong love of fitness and sports.

In order for our students to have the chance to develop a range of important knowledge and skills outside the classroom as well as enhance their sense of team spirit, Pao School regularly organizes outdoor camping activities, all of which have been extremely well-received by students.

Pao School’s musical events are plentiful.  We frequently host various types of concerts, performances, and music exchange events, both inside and outside the school, in order to provide students with a platform for showcasing their talents as well as improving their musicality.

Both students and educators have given back to their community by actively taking part in charity events.  Pao School has participated in the “Read to Feed” program since 2011. The campaign, which raises funds to provide financial assistance to rural families, has, to date, raised over RMB 300, 000 in total.  In addition, both educators and students alike have used various ways to show their support and concern for disaster-stricken areas, such as Sichuan, Tokyo, Auckland, and the Philippines.