Review of 2016 Summer Camp

 2016 Summer Camp Video


1.  Junior Chinese Summer Camp 

Junior Chinese Camp    

Parents Feedback:

" Well organized staff and programme and very kind. and we can have more experience to communicate with Chinese people at school, not only overseas children."

" The Camp is a good way to immerse children in a Chinese language/cultural environment that will provide a positive lasting memory and provide a good foundation for future Chinese learning."


2. Ralph Allwood Choral Course 

Choral Course

Parents Feedback: 

 " What a wonderful surprise! Thanks to the patient guidance of the teachers, our children did so well in this short music course. It was remarkable how they were able to remember the words to many English songs, and perform so passionately."

 " While she was attending the Choral Course, my daughter practised songs every day before she went to bed. She also set her alarm clock to ensure she woke up early to practice songs in the morning. I do believe this is what successful music education looks like. "


3. Activities Camp

Activities Camp

Parents Feedback:

 " The camp helped stimulate my child′s curiosity about the world.  Since the session ended, she has shown more interest in learning about the English language and science, and she communicates more with her parents. Her confidence has also increased as has her motivation. The teachers played an important role in her growth as a person. I appreciate their hard work."

 " My kid learnt a lot at the camp; my child′s sense of independence, social skills, hands-on skills, athletic ability, team spirit and classroom performance have all improved. Overall Pao School's camp was efficient and organised."


4. Summer Residential English Camp

Summer residential English 

Parents Feedback:

" During Parents' Day, we noticed how Pao School′s educational methodology focuses on personality development. Students practised English during the games they played and strengthened their team spirit. It is great to see how students can learn in ways that are fun; even though they are not  necessarily aware the activities are educational, the results are still good. After seeing the camp for myself, I was quite confident of its efficacy."

" During the 12 days sleep-away camp, my child was at first homesick. But by the end of those twelve days, he did not want to go home.  When he returned from camp, I noticed something was different about him. It was not just his sun tan. When he talked about how much he had enjoyed himself during those twelve days away from home, I realized he had become more mature. I appreciate the hard work of  the teachers and junior counsellors who made the camp session possible. The ′Peter Pan′ performance that closed out the camp session was outstanding; it left a deep impression on me. I am so proud of my son."