Every faculty and staff member at YK Pao School is committed to academic excellence within a caring and nurturing environment.


Our highly-qualified, experienced, and diverse educators come from all over the world, including Australia, China, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, and Taiwan.  Native-language instruction is provided in Chinese and English, and all educators actively participate in school activities and events, creating a uniquely multi-cultural environment for our students both inside and outside the classroom.  50% of our educators hold Masters degrees from such institutions as Oxford University, Brown University, Columbia University, Fudan University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. On average, our teaching staff have over 12 years of teaching experience.  Our Primary Division currently has 99 educators, with a Chinese-to-International educator ratio of 6:4.

Pao School places strong emphasis on educator training, and regularly invites experts from China and abroad to conduct professional development.  Such experts include former headmasters from the Dragon School, Eton College and leading schools in Shanghai.  Educators are supported by full-time educating assistants and a professional child psychologist, who assist them in teaching, teaching preparation and student supervision.